Tourney Bracket: WebForm Control

Version 2.1

The Tourney Bracket WebForm Control will speed up your tournament application development. The control does all the layout work automatically.


End User Features:

  • Publish brackets / playoff ladders to the web in minutes.
  • Allows for simplified end user game result picking.
    • Ability to choose teams at any round and auto fill-backwards:
    • Drop-down boxes will filter teams from drop-down boxes based on previous selections
    • Ability to see which teams users picked won or lost
    • Shows entire bracket on one page.  This feature allows users to complete the bracket without having to go to multiple pages.

Developer Features:

  • Built as an ASP.NET web control and compiled against the .Net 2.0 Framework for broad support.
  • Highly configurable for many types of tournaments including tournaments such as:
    • NCAA "March Madness" Basketball Tournament
    • Online Gaming Playoff Ladders
    • NBA Basketball Playoffs
    • US Open Tennis Tournament
    • Wimbledon Tennis Tournament
    • Australian Open Tennis Tournament
    • NFL Football Playoffs
    • NHL Hockey Playoffs
    • Major League Baseball Playoffs
    • PGA Match Play Tournaments
    • Softball Single Elimination Tournaments
    • Custom Tournaments
  • Databinding
    • Simplified databinding allows you to load brackets and results from a database in minutes.
    • New ASP.NET Smart Tag feature makes it simpler than ever to configure the bracket without writing any code:
  • Ability to create any type of single-elimination bracket.
    • Ability to create unlimited number of rounds within each group.
    • Ability to create unlimited number of match ups within a round.
    • Support for special rounds.  Example "The qualifying game in the NCAA tournament to become the 64th team"
    • Ability to create an unlimited number of competitors.
    • Support for configuring the bracket for bye within a tournament.  Example the ability to have first round byes.
  • Display Properties
    • Ability to set custom background and foreground colors by Group, by Round.
    • Ability to set fore color for correct and incorrect picks.
    • Ability to set titles by group and round.
    • Ability to set whether the titles are displayed by both groups and rounds.
    • Ability to set font information for the following:
      • The Entire Bracket
      • Titles both Groups and Round
      • Correct Picks
      • Incorrect Picks
    • Ability to customize the Championship Round
      • Ability to set background and foreground colors
      • Ability to specify a title
      • Ability to set a title background and foreground color Visual Studio 2005 integration
    • Support for design time view of control as it is being configured
    • Integrated Tourney Bracket Control Developer Reference (API) help.

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Sample Project Live Demo 

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Sample Project Source and TBC 2.1 Control Trial Download (on GitHub)

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