Tourney Bracket: MVC Helper

Coming Soon

We are currently in development.  Contact us at if you are interested in using our helper.


  • Helper method to generate a single elimination bracket with up to eight rounds and any number of byes.
  • Support veritical layout of bracket and groups that can be organized horizontally like popular bracket sheets.
  • Support a responsive layout so it is mobile and printer friendly.
  • The ability to publish match results as they happen.
  • Highly configurable styling with a very simple HTML output.
  • Levergages LESS stylesheets that are completely open and configurable to the developer.
  • Deployed as a Nuget package.
  • Dependent on JQuery Nuget package.
  • Dependent on DotLess Nuget package.


  1. Our first priority is to focus primarly on giving developers a dynamic single elimination read-only bracket rendering helper.  The primary use case we are trying to serve is people who want help publishing brackets on thier site.
  2. Our second planned release will focus on adding double elimination read-only rendering.  This is a long requested feature.  We have figured out how to do it and now we are going to deliver it.
  3. Our third planned release will focus on adding end-user bracket editing support for both single and double elimination brackets.  We want to support functionality like we currently support on the Tourney Bracket: WebForm Control which allows you to have user input results which you can then store in a database.  We eventually will cut over to this helper.


Example 1: One grouping, 16 competitors, 2 results

Example 2: One grouping, 12 competitors which creates byes, 2 match results

Example 3: 2 groups showing side by side alignment, 24 competitors which creates byes and no results

Example 4: 4 groupings, 24 competitors which creates byes and no results